Popchips: The Unbeatable Gluten-Free Snack Idea

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There’s lots of reasons why people are eating gluten-free these days. But one thing’s for sure – we still want snacks with the crunch and flavor we crave. If you’re not eating gluten, and you’re desperate for some gluten-free snack ideas you’ll actually love, read on.

The good folks at the FDA say a food is considered gluten-free when it is free of glutens which are found naturally in wheat, rye, barley, and crossbreeds of these grains. These grains can also be processed to remove glutens, and must result in less than 20 parts per million to be labeled as gluten-free. Whew, now back to the snacks!

Let’s be honest, eating gluten-free shouldn’t mean snack-free or flavor-free, but you might have tried foods in the past to satisfy your craving for crunchy and salty snacks, that were less than impressive. But have you tried Popchips? Say goodbye to the bland and weird and hello to perfectly seasoned and delicious.

Popchips are never fried potato chips that are everything you’ve been thinking about in a snack: tangy, salty, cheesy, spicy hot, and did we mention, crunchy? Popchips have no added preservatives, no fake flavors, no synthetic colors and even have less calories compared to ordinary chips.

Popchips come in lots of great flavors: Sour Cream & Onion, Barbeque, Sea Salt, Aged White Cheddar, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and even Crazy Hot. Plus, we’re secretly working on a new batch of flavors that we will talk about real soon, watch this space!

So, are Popchips gluten-free? Yes. We're happy to say that all Popchips products have been officially certified by the gluten-free certification organization - a program of the gluten intolerance group®, also known as gig®.

Now that you have all the deets, grab a bag or two at a store near you or shop online and start poppin’ the ultimate gluten-free snack!


Learn why Popchips are the better-for-you potato chip.

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