Popchips: The Ultimate Potato Chip

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Looking for the ultimate potato chip? Never fried and full of flavor, Popchips are the better-for-you potato chip. Ever wonder how we make these crunchy little gems? It’s a poppin’ good time for sure.

First, we start with potatoes, but they don’t go in the fryer or oven. We heat them in a special pressurized chamber, and when they are ready, they go POP! And a Popchip is created.

Next, it’s time for a spritz of sunflower oil and then a dash of one of our tasty flavors: Sea Salt, Aged White Cheddar, Barbeque, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and of course, Crazy Hot. Then they are packaged and sent to stores near you or shipped right to your door.

Popchips are great as a snack or for sharing and they are especially great in appetizers and our favorite chips and dip recipes. Simply substitute Popchips for the carb-heavy toasts, chips, or crackers. Voilà!

There’s nothing quite like Popchips, and we’re not just talking about the crunch or the fantastic flavors. Since they’re never fried, they’re an excellent choice for when those salty cravings hit. No greasy fingers (they’re half the fat!) or high calorie count like regular potato chips, but with all the taste and crunch you love in a potato chip – that’s why Popchips are the ultimate potato chip!

Wonder how Popchips compare to your traditional fried chips?with Popchips you get more flavor, more chips, and less calories and fat than the “other” brands. 

popchips are the ultimate potato chip - comparison chart

Just look how many Popchips you can eat compared to traditional fried potato chips and tortilla chips.

popchips are the ultimate potato chip - how popchips stacks up to potato chips

Learn why Popchips are the better-for-you potato chip.

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