Healthy, Salty Snack Idea Charcuterie Boards

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Rethink your boring charcuterie board and swap it out for one of these healthy, salty snack ideas! Whatever your theme or event, get creative and be sure to ditch those stale crackers for the better-for-you snack, Popchips!

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Healthy, Salty Snack Idea Charcuterie Boards from Popchips - Celebrations at HomeGame Day Party Board        

Around here it’s game day everyday.  And it’s not game day without wings and chips! 🏈⚾⚽🏀 On this board from Celebrations at Home, chicken wings team up with chips, veggies and dips for the ultimate healthy, salty snack idea line-up. Go with bold Popchips flavors like Fiery Buffalo, BBQ, and Crazy Hot and this board will be the MVP of the party!. 


Healthy, Salty Snack Idea Charcuterie Boards from Popchips - Kim's CravingsSummer Park Picnic Board       

Take a bite outta summer on this juicy board from Kim’s Cravings! Pack a basket with delicious, salty snacks like Popchips, goat cheese and nuts and #refresh with sweet summer fruit like watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries. Pro-tip: Sea Salt and Sea Salt and Vinegar Popchips go great with Rosé 🥂.  


Healthy, Salty Snack Idea Charcuterie Boards from Popchips - Six Sisters' StuffKid-Friendly Snack Board       

This board from Six Sisters’ Stuff is full of grab-and-go healthy & salty snack ideas kids love. 🤏🧀🥕 Unlock #bigdipenergy with cheeses, deli meat & veggies, all perfect for dunking in ranch or hummus and stacking on crunchy Popchips. Kids love variety, so pile on their favs and add classic Sea Salt Popchips or be bold and dare them to try Crazy Hot Popchips 😜.


Healthy, Salty Snack Idea Charcuterie Boards from Popchips - Fork In The Kitchen

Date Night Board  

This stunning board from Fork in the Kitchen is perfect for a romantic evening for two. Salty cheese, crunchy, Sea Salt Popchips, olives and nuts balance with the juicy berries, truffles and honey drizzle.



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