Variety Pack

Dare to dream of popchips variety packs. a daydream bouncey house filled with the fluffy, crinkly, cushiony single-serving bags of your favorite flavors of potato popchips… light, crispy sea salt, mouth-watering barbeque, and creamy delightful sour cream & onion. Guess what? This dream is within your grasp… open your eyes to the 12 count variety pack, featuring single-serving bags!

*50+% less fat per 28g serving popchips (4.5g)
regular fried potato chips (10g)

Grab a handful...or several!

We believe in the freedom to snack. That’s why we created a new chip. One that’s deeply satisfying but never deep fried. So you can feel free to eat one, two, three handfuls, or even a whole bag. and why not? It’s okay, they’re Popchips!