Popchips: The Ultimate Healthy Snack

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Need fresh ideas for healthy snacks? Low calorie, low carb, and no sugar sometimes mean no flavor and, frankly, no fun. Of course, it’s always best to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but when a salty snack is on your mind, there’s nothing quite like Popchips. Get ready for a crunchy snack and flavors that satisfy without compromising your healthy eating goals.

We happen to think that Popchips are the ultimate healthy snack. Yes, we may be a little biased. But read on to see why.

Popchips are the better-for-you potato chip.

Never Fried

We keep our potatoes out of the deep fryer. Instead, we heat them in a pressurized chamber and quickly release them. Their first breath of fresh air is a...pop!

Half the Fat

We give our un-fried chips a dash of the good high oleic oils, then we massage them with your favorite spices and seasonings – and voila, a chip with crave-able flavor and half the fat. You heard that right! Popchips have half the fat of regular fried potato chips.

Low Calorie

Popchips have 120 calories for 20 chips. That compares to 120 calories for 9 regular potato chips or 8 tortilla chips. You guessed it! That means you get more chips for fewer calories with Popchips. Freedom to eat them all!


For those sensitive to gluten or who prefer to avoid it, you’ll be happy to know that all Popchips varieties are gluten-free.


If staying away from GMOs is important in your choice of healthy snacks, try our most popular flavors, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sea Salt, and Barbecue.


Vegan? No problem. Most of our Popchips flavors are vegan except for Aged White Cheddar and Crazy Hot which are made with real cheese.


If your healthy snack also means staying kosher, you are in luck! All Popchips flavors are kosher too.

Healthy Snacks To-Go

Popchips single-serve bags make great healthy snacks for kids, school/work lunches, or anytime. Just grab a bag and go. They are also great for portion control because all flavors are 100 calories per bag or less. Stock up now on a 12-count of our single-serve bags in our online shop.

Healthy Snacks to Share

Of course, there’s nothing better than a big bowl of Popchips to share with friends and family. But you can get creative and use Popchips in other healthy snacks, too.

Did you know that you can use Popchips as a healthy swap in your favorite appetizer recipes? Check out our Crostinis with Smoked Salmon Recipe for a healthy snack perfect for parties or family game night. Popchips are also great for dipping since they hold up better than a traditional potato chip. Check out this healthy twist on Black Bean Dip we love to serve with Popchips.

Learn why Popchips are the better-for-you potato chip.

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