Fresh Football Snack Board

  • 1 min read

Don't sideline healthy eating just 'cause it's game day. This vibrant savory snack board is loaded with fresh toppings like peppers and avocado slices, perfect for build-your-own Popchips nachos! Here are a few more topping ideas (guilt-free & so flavorful) that we're loving rn.



This crunchy snack board comes together in a snap and looks like a football on a field. To get started, pile on the veggies and place dip bowls around the board's edges, leaving a football-shaped hole in the center and letting each topping have its own spot. Next, stack a few layers of Popchips in the opening, keeping the football shape. Finally, it's time to draw on the laces in sour cream. Add a line across each end and draw the grip laces in the center. Just check out the photo if you need to.🏈

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