Better-for-You Snacks for your New Year's Resolution

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Happy New Year! Have you decided to start eating better in 2023? 🙋 Stay on track with better-for-you snacks for your New Year's Resolution with Popchips. Here's how.

Hold up, what even is a Popchip, you ask? They are crunchy, salty, un-fried potato chips with all the flavor and half the fat of regular potato chips. Our potatoes never touch the deep fryer; instead, a pressurized chamber releases each chip with a…POP! Next, we spritz each with a dash of high oleic oils, and then each chip gets a perfectly-seasoned flavor bomb like Sea Salt and Vinegar.

With Popchips, you'll find classic favorites like Sour Cream and Onion, BBQ, Sea Salt, and fun, new flavors Fiery Buffalo and Fully Loaded. There really is a chip to satisfy any craving. Plus, with Popchips, you get more tasty chips per serving for fewer calories and fat. Here's how we stack up to the "others."



Be Ready for Cravings

Let's be real…when trying to eat better, occasionally, you'll probably still crave junk food (that's o.k., it's normal!), but it's a smart idea to have a portion-controlled, low-calorie snack on hand for those moments when you're hungry. Reach for the BBQ Popchips and stay on track.


Don't Skip

Experts say that it's important not to skip meals or snacks. Busy schedules can make that difficult. So when you're looking for better-for-you snacks on the go, take Sour Cream & Onion or Aged White Cheddar Popchips along for the ride. When that traffic is worse than expected, hey, at least you've got a great snack to get you through.


Streaming Sessions

When you're up late and unwinding by watching the latest episode of that hot new streaming show, have a few better-for-you late-night snacks handy in case you feel hungry. Sea Salt Popchips are available in a share size and in convenient single-serve bags, too.


Keep Moving

How many of us add going to the gym as a New Year’s Resolution? It’s normal to get snacky after a workout but try to skip the temptation to hit the drive-thru. Instead, choose a better-for-you snack, like Crazy Hot Popchips. They taste great and don't wreck your efforts!


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